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After Builders Cleaning

Renovation, painting,decorating and construction jobs, are desired services nowadays. Even tough sometimes the result left is completely different from the one achieved in your expectations. This is often a due to the dirt, dust and rubbish left after the service. Our company is able to provide a service which will make your property look brand new again, and the results left after your builders work will be just perfect.

Our After Builders Cleaning service is created with the general and only purpose to support and provide a cleaning solution. We understand well that having a tile of junk in your renewed and re painted living room is not exactly your best idea of its general vision. Our company is providing a solution every time it turns for Professional and Proper applied cleaning services.

Some companies are having the same idea about Deep and After Builders Cleaning. We do consider these as two different services, because just cleaning is not enough in order to cover a certain amount of work. Cleaning might be reviewed in plenty of different occasions and the difference must be always recognized. During our experience we have reached high level of service. Our team is reviewing each job as a single project.

With us you are receiving a professional, adequate and brilliant service. Our trained team is ready to serve your needs and apply an excellent service on competitive and surprisingly good prices.

Carpet Cleaning

Our company is professional in carpet cleaning. We are specialists and provide one of the most recognizable and effective techniquesHot water Extraction also known as Steam Cleaning. We are providing a multiple services covering everything which could be found in a property – sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, foot stools, office chairs, curtains, blinds, mattresses.

We are able to Professionally Steam Clean all fabric materials and leave excellent result. Having your lovely sofa brand new again is not an illusion any more but a result which could easily be achieved with our service.

Carpets and upholstery play a major role for the total outlook of a property. Besides the esthetic part there is an other very important issue which requires a special attention. Carpets are a suitable environment for a million of different bacteria.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is a service which should be applied at least two times per year. This will create a suitable and healthy environment for your entire family unit.

Our detergents are eco – friendly and non – toxic. We are using professional equipment. Our team are specially trained technicians with a long experience in providing these service on prices which will beat your best expectations.

Junk Removal

Rubbish is often a result left after the completion of After Builders work. This is the first task to be covered after finishing renovation or constructor services. In relation to its size and nature , there are special occasions when using bin is not enough in order to get rid of the unwanted stuff.

Our company is professionally equipped in order to solve the problem. We are able to provide vans with a size from to 2.5 up to 5 tons. Our team is ready to come and quickly resolve the situation. We will collect your rubbish and leave you free and satisfied.

Our service is flexible, we are able to provide smaller vans, if the amount of the junk is not too large. There is no certain occasion which should be applied in order to cover the service. Our service is simply called Junk Removal, as we are able to collect everything and just take it away.